Yugto was an idea that was created one difficult night of debugging, became a project and now launched. 

The WHY:

📌 Share knowledge, skills and experience to help and inspire other developers

📌 Gather a group of self-driven and passionate individuals, hopefully to collaborate 

📌 Encourage young & beginner developers to help each other grow in their career 

Especially for Filipino developers. We know tech and programming contents here are a bit scarce. Browsing on the internet, we don’t see many sites that connect and relate to us to what our fellow developers have been doing, what projects they’re working on and how they grow as a developer. 

Yugto.tech will be home to every tech tips and trends, programming tutorials, and stories of experiences from beginner to senior developers for developers or from anyone in the IT field for anyone interested in the IT field.

“Programming isn’t about what you know; It’s about what you can figure out”

It’s about what we can figure out. Tech is endless. We can never know too much. It will always be a continuous process and journey of learning without an exact finish line. That’s the fascinating thing about it, right?

So, let’s help each other grow! ✨

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